Party in a Box!

Comes with everything you need to throw a Plaster Craft party in the comfort of your own home or backyard.

10 Pieces from our Party Wall selection - at a reduced price! -  with accompanying paints, brush, tray, and smocks if needed. 

Includes an assortment of our most popular pieces: Unicorn, Star, Butterfly, Puppy, Frog, Star Wars or Spiderman Piece, Ice Skate, Gumball Machine, Flip Flops or Ballet Slippers, and Flower.


* Please note: the "Party in a Box" is already a discounted offer, and as such may not be combined with any other coupons, promos, etc.

* Canvas Party in a Box and Letters Party in a Box are Priced Higher, please call for info!

Please note: these prices reflect Credit Card payments. Cash payments will receive a 3% discount from the prices listed below. Thank you!!


A DOUBLE CRAFT Party, which includes plaster craft painting, as well as an additional craft is $495 for up to 10 guests, and $25.95 for each additional guest.

A LARGE CANVAS party, which includes a 12x16 pre-drawn canvas and lasts 2 hours instead of 1.5 is $515 and $25.95 for each additional guest.

Substitute one of the following crafts instead of plastercraft painting in any party package listed above for an additional fee :

Slime Substitution: $7 extra per person
Splatter Painter's Caps Substitution: $6 extra per person

Small Pre-Drawn Canvas Substitution: $7 extra per person
Tie-dye T-Shirt Substitution: $7 extra per person
Sharpie Plate Substitution: $7 extra per person

Let us host your next birthday party or event!  We will take care of everything from beginning to end.

No need to stress, we'll take care of the mess!

We offer party packages with different crafts, including plaster craft painting, canvas painting, tie-dye tees, painter's caps, aprons, & slime!

And don't forget about our party room which includes music, disco lights & dancing.

It's Party Time!

​Party Packages

*Note: Our studio is open to the public during regular business hours AND over school breaks. If you would prefer a private party, please speak to us so we can accommodate!​​

​**Prices are subject to change without notice!!

Home Parties: We bring Long Island's best birthday party to you! Pieces, paints,
glitter (or not!;) ) and Funcraft staff member will help throw your child an amazing party in your home... Call for pricing! (10 person minimum, 1 hour staff supervised, $36.95 pp) *Available for addresses within 15-20 minutes of our studio.

Essential Premium Royalty Canvas Double Craft
Up to 10 kids
Up to 10 kids
Up to 10 kids
Up to 10 kids
Up to 10 kids
Additional Guests $21.95 each $23.95 each $26.95 each $24.95 each $24.95 each
1 1/2 hour party    
(2 hours)
(2 hours)
Paint a Piece or choose a different craft at additional charge  
Choice of 2 Crafts

Dance & Video Games
with Funcraft DJ

Slice of Pizza, Beverages & Paper Goods    
Ice Cream Cups Add $3.00 each    
Invitations Add $1.75 each      
Thank You Cards Add $1.75 each  
Add $1.75 each
Big Screen Movie Clips Add $26 
Add $26
 Add $26
Goody Bags * Add $7 each
   Add $7 each  Add $7 each
Funcraft Sign-in T-Shirt  Add $27.95
Add $27.95
 Add $27.95
Candy-Filled Piñata  Add $39.95
Add $39.95
 Add $39.95
Additional 30 Minutes  Add $98  Add $98
 Add $98
Cotton Candy or Popcorn  Add $80  Add $80

 Add $80  Add $80
Paint-on Tattoos  Add $60  Add $60
 Add $60  Add $60
Fun Craft costumed character  Add $98 Add $98  Add $98
 Add $98

Take Home Kits!

We can prepare anything in our store into a Take Home Kit! Includes brush, paints, tray, and instructions - everything you need to paint at home!

Open for walk-in painting, take-home kits, parties, & paint nights!
Call us today at 631-493-0620

Royalty Package ($585)
You'll get one choice of Cotton Candy or Popcorn and then please choose One of the following:
- Costumed Character
- Cotton Candy and Popcorn Combo

Double Craft Package ($495)
You'll get one choice an additional craft, in addition to plaster painting. An excellent option if you'd like more of the art portion of the party
* Goody bags include a mini plaster pieces with 2 paints, 1 brush and 2 pieces of candy.
* No Shows $5.95