T-Shirt / Pillowcase / Tote Bag [Age 5+]

Choose from our large selection of plaster statues and plaques.  Plastercraft is easy, inexpensive and comes ready to paint! 

No firing or glaze required.  You can take your masterpieces home same day!

Includes: Permanent shiny water-based acrylic paint, apron, & brushes (Washable paint available upon request)

Plaster Painting [Age 3+]

Blank and pre-drawn canvas available.  All you need is a canvas and a brush in order to paint a timeless masterpiece.

All masterpieces can be taken home same day!

Canvas Painting [Age 6+]

Fun Crafts

Sand Art [Age 3+]

Choose from our selection of original and one-of-a-kind decals.  Then color it with fabric markers and create your own piece of art that you can use.

Make your own sand bottle or sand picture with a beautiful array of colored sands.